Friday, August 24, 2018

Reasons to Attend a Networking Event

Some people don’t like attending networking events, they find them uncomfortable and have a hard time finding topics to keep the conversation going. However, if you go into an event with a plan and goal, you can turn it around to work in your favor.

Choose Your Events Wisely
There are many different types of networking events out there, so before you decide on an event you want to go to, put some research into it and find the best one that fits your career and goals. It’s best to choose an event that happens regularly so you can attend often and build your relationships. Some fields, such as marketing or medical fields, have very specific networking events geared to helping you network within your field. If you feel more comfortable attending those first before a more general event, start with one of those.

Watch How Others Network
If you’re nervous about networking and aren’t sure how to best network with others, look and listen to how other professionals act and converse with others at the event. Listen to other professionals when they introduce themselves and talk about what they do. Always be in learning mode when attending professional events and learn from others in your profession.

New Business Relationships Can Mean New Business
Attending networking events and making new relationships in your field can mean new business relationships and more business and revenue. The more you talk with others about your business, the more likely they’ll want to work with you more in the future. Remember that the event is only the beginning, what really counts is the follow-up. After you’ve made new business relationships, make sure you follow-up with them to keep your name relevant. 



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