Friday, December 30, 2016

Important Tax Tips for Businesses

Simply put, we all have to pay taxes, whether we like it or not. If you are a business owner, filing your taxes can get especially complicated. Good news’s not too late to make some smart tax moves for this year. Deciding on the right strategy for you and your business depends on your income, as well as a number of other personal circumstances, so you might want to  consult a tax professional.

Deferring Income Taxes

Deferring income taxes relies on legal strategies that let you pay taxes in a future year on money that you earn this year. Just about anyone can do this with help from a tax professional. Deferring your taxes lets you keep your money longer, and the longer you have your money, the more opportunities you have to put it to work for you. Perhaps investing your money instead of turning it over to the government right away could do wonders for your business.

Writing Off Expenses

There are many aspects of a business that can be deducted from your taxes: mileage, insurance, supplies, entertainment, etc. Take advantage of them!!! Take a look at a dozen deductions for your business. Don’t cheat yourself out of these, no matter how successful you become (or currently are)! If you have made a charitable donation, that can be deducted as well. And there still is time to donate to your favorite charity...and write it off. Take every legal deduction you can for yourself, and for your business.

Carry Forward the Health Credit

Businesses that employ fewer than 10 full-time employees with average wages under $25,000 per person get the most benefit. The healthcare tax credit is offered on a sliding scale to small businesses. Talk to your tax professional to see if you’re eligible, or use form 8941 to calculate your eligibility for the credit.  If your business did not owe taxes in that year, you may be able to carry the credit forward. If a remainder of the tax premium exists, you can claim business expenses against it.

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Tax Tips for Businesses