Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Marketing Opportunities for this Holiday Season

Black Friday might receive a lot of hype, but before there can be a Black Friday there must be a Thanksgiving. Make sure to capitalize on the calendar by creating a marketing plan for this Holiday season and especially the days leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here are some ideas for your small business this Holiday season.  
  1. Hype End-of-Season Products
The fall season means pumpkin this and apple that while Christmas tends to smell like cinnamon, pine, and sugar cookies. With so many Thanksgiving meals coming up, create an incentive to use these soon-to-be phased out products. Whether they are pumpkin pies, autumn-scented candles, or apple cookie mix they can be brought as gifts or as desserts.
  1. Happy HolidaysMake Life Easier for Hosts
Some entertainers think that hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner sounds like a fun idea… until it comes time to cook, clean, and decorate. Anything that you or your business can remove from the giant plate of chores will be beneficial to these hosts. Maybe your catering service can bring a prepared Thanksgiving or Christmas meal to the home. Maybe your rental service can rent a giant dining room table to fit the cousins you didn’t even know you had. Maybe your maid service can come make the house spotless before the guests arrive. Regardless, milk these services and market them to hosts and entertainers. Consider a limited-time sales promotion ending on Thanksgiving Day.
  1. Be Thankful for Customers
Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks. Make sure to send a targeted email or direct mail piece to your customers with a special offer. This will make them feel special and get them to stop in your store before the crazy Black Friday sales start.
  1. Host an Event
This event can be free depending on your businesses size, budget, and generosity. Regardless of the budget,  it will be a great way to build relationship with customers and build morale within your staff during this Holiday season. This warm invitation can be sent out via email or direct mail piece. It can be included in the promotion mentioned in Tip 3.
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