Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Confronting the Need For Skilled Workers in America

The economy is slowly on the rise and the job market is as strong as ever.  If you’re looking for a job, this is great news… right?  Not exactly.  In this technology driven age, employers are looking to hire people with more advanced skills.  Part of the reason there are millions of job openings across America is because there is a strong need for skilled workers.  Why is there a growing shortage of skilled workers in our country and how can we confront this issue?  Let’s take a look.

A skilled worker is any worker who has special skill, training, knowledge or ability in their work.  They have acquired special skills through college, technical school or learned their skills from experience on the job.  US companies are having a hard time finding skilled workers like welders, electricians and machinists.  A few of the reasons this is occurring in the workforce is because of skills mismatch, aging trade workers and low wages.

skilled workersEmployers are looking to hire workers with skills and experience but many companies do not want to spend the time and money for on-the-job training.  As highly skilled workers edge into retirement, it’s important to remember that we must train the new generation as replacements.  On the other hand, many young Americans are fixated on attending a four-year university and receiving a college degree.  They believe that is the only way to make a sizeable salary and refuse to look for jobs that are considered “blue-collar”.

A great start for filling the need for skilled workers is by raising the wages of tradesmen based on skills.  Highly skilled workers are approaching retirement every day.  The only way these positions will be filled is with readily available training, education and incentives.  Not only should companies be ready to make a change, but educators should be helping students recognize the skills and credentials needed by employers.

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