Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Technology Overload

Wake up; check Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and turn on the news (maybe even in that order). For some people, being glued to technology is no problem at all. For others, hours of technology can turn into an addiction. According to Global WebIndex, the average American spends a little over six hours per day online and 1.72 hours a day using social media alone.

Let that sink in. Now, try and remember the last time you went more than six hours without some sort of device that beeps or vibrates letting you know the latest in news from around the world. It’s no question that technology has taken over our lives. Just about everything we do involves some degree of technology. Whether you are an avid email checker or social media butterfly, technology is always creeping over our shoulder.

The question circling is… When does the use of technology become too much? When technology starts to alter your life, work and those nights out on the town. If you can’t go 24 hours without it or are more comfortable communicating via text, STOP what you are doing and check back into reality.

Here are some simple ways to let go of technology:
  • Don’t let technology control you. YOU control your technology.
  • Learn when to say no. If someone is blowing up your phone, simply respond one time and tell them you will get back to them soon. If there’s no emergency, don’t be available 24/7.
  • For those nights out to dinner or meeting up with friends; keep your phone in your purse or pocket and turn it on silent. Whatever it is, it can probably wait a couple hours.

While technology has taken over our everyday lives, it has also changed the world for the better. Technology has evolved and given us the knowledge to answer questions nobody thought was possible. There just comes a moment in time when you realize there are technology boundaries that need to be set.

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