Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Reaching Clients on Local and National Holidays: Tips for Siouxland Small Businesses

This February and March present two great opportunities for small businesses in the Siouxland area to reach their clients: Valentine’s Day on February 14th, and Nebraska Statehood Day on March 1st. This year, Nebraska will celebrate its 150th anniversary, or sesquicentennial. Take advantage of the buzz around these holidays, as well as local events, to boost traffic to your business!

Here are a few ideas to inspire you:  

Run a promotion tied to Valentine’s Day or Statehood Day 

Send out mailers or emails with a discount or freebie in honor of the holiday.

Valentine's DayRun a social media campaign Encourage customers to post a photo on your social media account what Nebraska statehood means to them. Pick a winner who receives a prize from your business. Valentine’s Day stories are also popular, and you don’t have to limit stories to romantic couples! People love an opportunity to share photos of their pets or favorite local spots - Valentine’s to furry friends, Siouxland, or even your business itself are all fun ways to get your clients engaged in the spirit of competition. 
Host an event that coincides with existing celebrations

Throw a party
Right now, many people experience a lull between the busy holiday season and the beginning of summer fun. Giving your clients a reason to get out during February and March makes an impression. Throw a special celebration for Statehood Day on March 1st, or plan Valentine’s Day parties for couples or singles.

Hold special date events
Most couples look for new and fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Special menus, paint nights, karaoke, live music, poetry readings, a new local art exhibit, and more all offer something fun and interesting.

Tie your event to a charitable cause
February is also American Heart Month. With heart disease affecting many Americans, and heart themes already in place due of Valentine’s Day, many customers are happy to take the opportunity to support fundraisers for heart health this month, whether they are products or events. Or, hold a fundraiser for a local organization in honor of Nebraska’s sesquicentennial!

Put yourself on the map for Statehood Day
Nebraska Statehood’s website contains a full list of upcoming local events for the sesquicentennial. The NE150 Challenge, in which participants complete 150 miles of fitness activities, could inspire people to walk, run, or bike to your business if you offer an incentive for NE150 participants.

Are you running promotions for these holidays this year? Do you have other ideas to share? Leave us a note in the comments below!

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