Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Benefits

Welcome to the South Sioux City Chamber of Commerce. Being a chamber member is an important step in growing your business. It helps increase positive perception with consumers, increases your visibility, and also gives you opportunities to meet other business leaders. By choosing to be a chamber member, you are not only investing in your business but also the community as well. Join the other 280-member companies and become a member of the Greater Sioux land community!

Members of the South Sioux City Chamber of Commerce work together to reinforce a strong local economy. They work on important issues that build community and strengthen business environment as well as host different community events for all to enjoy. We support the business community through a variety of member benefits. Some benefits include an array of programs and services to choose from and include:

  1. Make Money - Generate sales by utilizing the Chamber to market to a targeted audience and develop new relationships. By joining the Chamber, you will get to promote your business, network with others, and increase your visibility.
  2. Reduce Costs - Gain access to members and programs that will help in reducing costs necessary to operate your business. You will receive exclusive member savings!
  3. Save Time - Work smarter, not harder! Reach out to more people in less time by getting connected with our members, get access to information, gain expertise from other business owners, and enjoy a Chamber orientation to introduce you to all the members.
  4. Get Involved - When you join, you’ll discover that meeting others in business who can refer you to key contacts you’re trying to reach, is a huge benefit of a membership.
  5. Face to Face Connections - Get out there and shake some hands. Meet new people and re-establish old relationships. You can't do it from behind your desk. Pick one of our networking events, Friday Coffee Hours, Promotions Committee, Ambassadors, Legislative Committee, Lunch & Learns, and make connections that count!

Being connected to business professionals, elected officials, and community leaders is important to the success of any business. The Chamber hosts a variety of events throughout the year that provide networking opportunities, education, and exposure. Connecting face to face builds your professional network, will help you generate leads, and give you the exposure your company needs.

Every member of the South Sioux Chamber of Commerce enjoys a comprehensive and cost-effective package of benefits and privileges designed to get your business noticed. If you are ready to join the Chamber, contact us today or visit our website to sign up

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